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Prevention of Myopia progression

Prevention of Myopia progression For most people with myopia, the condition has only refractive ramifications. But those with high myopia are at risk for ocular pa­thology. (High myopia has recently been defined as –5.0 D or worse.) Thus, the rising prevalence of myopia may mean an increasing number of high myopes who are at risk for developing associated serious eye diseases, ranging from choroidal neo­vascularization to glaucoma and retinal detachment. (more…)

Glaucoma screening

Glaucoma screening

Glaucoma is a silent blinding disease with no major symptoms appreciated by the patient. It has a genetic predisposition and commonly seen to start in people around the age of 40. There is no treatment for glaucoma but it can be controlled with medications or surgery. Detection of Glaucoma is the most essential step in it's management. The best way to do it is to get a detailed eye checkup done when you hit the age of 40. (more…)


Driving performance and Cataract

Cataract surgery restores vision in majority of patients seamlessly. Many patients experience the wow factor after the surgery due to the enhanced colours and improved night vision. Some even go spectacle free. But can we put a value to the improvement? To find out, researchers in Australia used driving simulators. They found that the incidence of near misses and crashes reduced by 48% after cataract surgery. (more…)

laser surgery for glasses

Do you still need glasses???

Glasses are the aid to vision for majority of people. All around the globe, the number of people using glasses is increasing. We have gone from hunters and gatherers to book keepers as the evolution sailed by. This has led to increased near work with limited outdoor activities. Our eyes have adapted to this new need. We have become myopic. (more…)

12 things you can safely do and not do after cataract surgery

Cataract surgery has come a long way in time and technology. We now stand on a large pile of evidence with which we are able to provide a better comfort level to our patients. The most common of our surgeries being cataract surgery, let me list out few DO’s and DONT’s of cataract surgery for your information. But remember, when in doubt, ask your doctor. (more…)

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