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Dr Sucharitha Naik

Dr Sucharitha Naik

Oculoplasty Surgeon
  • Education:
    MBBS, MS
  • Experience:
  • Core Skills:
  • Certificates & Memberships:
  • Location:
    Nagaram & Sainikpuri

Dr Sucharitha Naik is an Oculoplasty surgeon associated with Eyeris Eye Care. Dr Sucharitha Naik is a highly skilled Ophthalmologist who completed her MBBS & MS Ophthalmology from Kurnool Medical College. She also underwent long term fellowship in Oculoplasty which deals with the Cosmetic part of the eye including eye tumors. She also undertakes Botox treatments for various conditions. Her expertise in her subspecialty notwithstanding, she is an eminent comprehensive ophthalmologist.

Dr Sucharitha Naik undertakes various Oculoplastic techniques which treat Ptosis (drooping eyelids), Botox (for wrinkles and facial spasm), Dacryocystorhinostomy (for watering of eyes) etc.

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