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Comprehensive Eye Exams

What is a Comprehensive eye examination at Eyeris eye care?

Eye is a fantastic organ with wide functionality. It serves you from birth to death without any rest. Eyes work even when you are asleep. It is your responsibility to maintain it in its top shape. At Eyeris Eye Care center Secunderabad, we help you do exactly the same thing. We are providing comprehensive eye checkups for you. To detect and treat the conditions which are otherwise apparent later. Get your eye checkup today.

Registration and Demographics

On arriving for your Comprehensive eye exam, you will be registered at the reception and your basic data captured into our system. At Eyeris Eye Care, we follow a paperless documentation protocol. The details will include your name, particulars, contact details, previous illnesses, past surgeries/treatments etc. After this step, you will be directed for the Optometry evaluation.


Optometric evaluation consists of recording of your vision and giving you the best possible spectacle correction. This is where you will also be told about the options of contact lenses if needed. An Optometrist is independently trained and qualified to conduct a complete evaluation of vision. After the evaluation by the Optometrist, you will be forwarded to the Ophthalmologist.


The Ophthalmologist is the one whom we refer as the ‘eye doctor’. All the Ophthalmologists at Eyeris eye care are experienced Ophthalmic surgeons. Our Ophthalmologist specialist will examine you by various methods and arrive at the conclusion after considering the Optometric evaluation as well.

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The Outcome

Everybody expects a normal outcome. However, in case of any deviation from normal, we would be happy to give it you as a document alongwith guidance on possible corrective actions. Most of the ocular conditions being treatable, you need not fret. We are there for you.

Who should get comprehensive eye exams?

  • Anybody at the age of 40 years.
  • Anybody concerned about their eyes.
  • Before joining a new job or competitive exams.
  • People aspiring for Army, Navy, Air Force, Polica or Para-Military.

Why Eyeris Eye Care?

With the experience of conducting numerous medical examination in the Indian Army, our Experienced Ophthalmologists are trained not to miss any abnormality. Further, we take pride in our patients and their satisfaction. All our clinical staff is legally qualified with certifiable qualification available at your service.

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