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Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma is a condition when there is an increase in the pressure within the eye leading to compression of the optic nerve. This causes a decrease in peripheral vision initially and the central vision getting effected later. Glaucoma is a silent disease with most of the patients presenting with no complaints. At Eyeris Eye Care, Our Expert Ophthalmologist provides a complete range of glaucoma detection and treatment solutions.

What causes Glaucoma?

The eyeball is maintained by the presence of fluid inside. There is continuous production and drainage of this fluid. If the production is more or the drainage is less, there is a tendency of the intraocular pressure to increase and lead to damages to the optic nerve. This damage is irreversible and permanent. The onset of the disease can be at any age and is dictated by the type of glaucoma. Many other eye diseases can also lead to glaucoma like Uveitis, Cataract, Trauma etc and cause additional damage than the initial condition.

Detection of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is diagnosed by presence of increased intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. There is no way to predict glaucoma other than these two factors. There are various tests of varying sensitivities designed to detect these parameters. After your clinical examination, if your Ophthalmologist finds any features suggesting damage to the optic nerve, he will advise you to undergo one or more of these tests. It is very important to confirm the diagnosis of glaucoma beyond any doubt since the medicines are to be used lifelong like systemic hypertension.

Treatment of Glaucoma

Treatment of glaucoma is by controlling the intraocular pressure. This can be done by eye drops and / or surgery. The requirement of surgery is decided by the type of glaucoma and the response to non-surgical treatment. It is important to note that glaucoma treatment aims at maintaining the vision and not improving it. The damage to optic nerve due to glaucoma is permanent and irreversible.

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Why is Glaucoma important?

Glaucoma is a silent disease and most patients are symptom free. This is because the damage happens slowly and starts from the periphery. The patient fails to notice these symptoms at the early stage. The patient himself/herself becomes symptomatic only at the later stage of the disease by the time the patient has lost most of his peripheral vision.

When to undergo glaucoma testing

  • Age more than 40.
  • Family history of Glaucoma.
  • Coloured haloes around lights.
  • Episodic pain in the eyes.
  • Unexplained headache.

Glaucoma services at Eyeris Eye Care

At Eyeris Eye Care, we undertake Glaucoma detection, diagnosis and treatment services. We can maintain your glaucoma pressure records which you can have access anytime along with the investigations conducted. We provide you the medical and surgical management at affordable costs. We also undertake minimally invasive glaucoma surgical procedures.  For more details kindly contact (+91) 93811 93029  or visit (Eyeris Eye Care) Sainikpuri Eye Hospital.

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