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Optometry services

Optometry services at Eyeris Eye Care, Sainikpuri

Any eye check up starts with Optometry. Optometry is the branch of medicine which deals with the optical correction of vision. This can achieved with glasses or contact lenses. Optometry evaluation will give you a fair idea about the possible visual outcome of a refractive surgery.

Step 01: Vision testing

The first step of Optometry at Eyeris Eye Care Sainikpuri is testing of your existing vision. This is accomplished with various forms of standardised vision testing charts. There are different charts available in terms of the images, letters or language. We even have special charts for people not able to comprehend the letters.

Step 02: Refraction

Refraction is, in simple terms, a measure of the dimensions of the eye and the optical corrections required to give you a good focus. This can be done manually or by automated machines. At Eyeris Eye Care, we provide both facilities. However, which one to use is usually by the choice of the optometrist. In children, we prefer to use the manual method and in adults, we use the autorefractor.

Step 03: The trial

The next step in Optometry evaluation is the trial of the new prescription obtained by refraction to suit your needs. This is done by using a trial frame with loose lenses. This step requires more time and patience from you. We can together achieve the correct prescription for you with ease. At Eyeris Eye Care, we strive to give you maximum comfort with your prescription glasses.

Contact lenses

Many people favour contact lenses over spectacles. We, at Eyeris Eye Care, provide custom contact lens fitting sessions with training on the use and care of contact lenses.

When to get an Optometry evaluation?

  • Cannot read the number plate of the vehicle in front of you
  • Poor academic performance in children
  • Squeezing of eyes
  • Unable to see near objects clearly
  • Eye strain and headache

Our Mission

At Eyeris Eye Care, we provide complete Optometry solution. We provide the correct glas prescription. We also offer you a wide range of spectacle frames and lenses to choose from. Not happy with spectacles, try our contact lenses. Still not happy? Ask us about getting rid of those glasses forever. Whatever the eye care need, we are there for you.

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