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Retina services

What is Vitreo-Retina?

Retina is the sensory layer at the back of the eye which receives the focused images from the lens. Once the images falls on the retina, the retina converts them into electrical signals and send to the brain. Vitreo-retina service is a very crucial part of Ophthalmology. At Eyeris Eye Care Sainikpuri, we provide you vitreo-retina services directly or through our affiliate partners

Medical Retina

Deals with the diseases of the retina which can be managed or treated by non-surgical modalities like laser, injections and eye drops. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the major conditions treated by Medical retina specialists.The initial step in these condition is the diagnosis. At Eyeris eye care, we provide you detection and management of retina conditions like Diabetic retinopathy.

Surgical Retina

There are conditions of the retina which has to be managed by surgery like retinal detachment and macular hole. The retinal surgery requires more time, specialised equipment and skill set. Another important aspect in these conditions is the timing of the surgery which has a large bearing on the outcome. So, in conditions requiring retinal surgery, the treatment should not be delayed.

Retinal examination

The examination of the retina encompases dilated examination of the eye. Therein, few drops of the eye drop will be instilled into your eye. After the instillation, your vision, especially the near vision, may be blurred for few hours. The ophthalmologist will be able have a comprehensive look of your retina in about 30 minutes of instilling the eyedrops.

Names of few Retina diseases

Diabetic retinopathy, Retinal detachment, Pathological myopia, Macular hole, Ocular trauma, Retinal vasculitis, Retinal vein occlusion, Retinal artery occlusion, Eale’s disease, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Retinitis, Retinoschisis

When to get a Retina evaluation?

  • Diabetic and/or Hypertensive
  • Trauma to the eye
  • If you see some floaters or Curtain like blindness
  • Black spots in vision
  • Crumpled sheet like vision

Retina services at Eyeris Eye Care, Sainikpuri

Our doctor is trained in Retinal evaluation and managing retinal conditions non-surgically. We are skilled to undertake laser procedures and injections for the retina. We provide retinal surgeries through our affiliate partners.

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