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Uvea services

What is Uvea?

This is a question that we frequently get from patients. And believe me, it’s difficult to get a hold of it. Uvea is the layer of the eye which lies between the retina and sclera (the outer white part). Uvea is a layer which nourishes and supports the eye. The iris that you you see in the front of the eye which gives the colour to the eye is actually a part of uvea.

Why is Uvea important?

Uvea, unlike other parts of the eye, communicates freely with rest of the body through the blood supply. So, it is affected easily by many systemic diseases. The wellbeing of the uvea is very essential for the rest of the eye functions to be carried out properly.

What are the diseases of Uvea?

Uvea can be involved in problems of it’s own or as a part of other general illness. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common condition. Tuberculosis is another common condition to effect the uvea of an infective nature.

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Treating uvea and uveitis

Inflammation of the Uvea is called Uveitis. The first hurdle is the diagnosis of the condition. Uveitis is commonly mistaken as conjunctivitis by non-doctors are concerned. If you are getting red eye frequently with a decrease in your vision, it might be uveitis.

Most of the uveitis can be treated by eye drops. Few might require injections. A few more might even require surgery. As mentioned earlier, the diagnosis of uveitis is a challenge. Finding out the cause is even more challenging. Come visit Eyeris Eye Care to meet our eye specialist.

Role of investigations

Unlike other ocular conditions, there is a big time role of laboratory investigations in uveitis due to its association with systemic diseases. Your doctor will advise you for these investigation which vary from patient to patient. At Eyeris Eye Care, we provide blood collection services for all these investigations.

When to suspect Uveitis?

  • Red eye which effects vision but mild pain.
  • Red eye in a patient of Arthritis or Tuberculosis.
  • Patients on Chemotherapy.
  • Decrease in vision not correctable with glasses.

What we offer

At Eyeris Eye Care Hospital, Sainikpuri, we provide comprehensive uvea services. We also provide all major blood tests under our roof. Its the complete Eye care hospital in Sainikpuri. Call us at  (+91) 93811 93029

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